High Performance Test, Inc. - Customization

High Performance Test is a leading supplier of custom test sockets to the semiconductor industry

High Performance Test
 48531 Warm Springs Blvd., Suite #413
 Fremont, CA 94539
Tel: (510)445-1182
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  • Custom Designed IC Test Sockets Are Available for All Kinds of Standard/Non Standard Packages Such As Micro BGA, CSP, PBGA, QFP, TAB (TCP), CQFP, PGA and LGA.
  • Custom Designed Through Hole and Surface Mount Foot Prints and Outside Dimensions to Fit Any Existing Hardware, DUT Board, Docking Plate, etc.

Delta Flex® Compatible PBGA IC Test Socket

Cross Sectional View

Socket Receptacles

  • Easy Socket Replacement of Any Make of Socket
  • Socket Replacement without Desoldering
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